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Friday, November 30, 2007

To hell with law, tell me how many votes!

"Madam, should we make the law for satisfying the ego of an individual? Should we allow the law making process to settle personal scores? Should we misuse law making powers to make laws which favour us personally? I am very much confused. Please guide me." The Prime Minister was really upset. Madam looked at him with pity. She smiled and said, "you are still showing some signs of being a gentleman inspite of being in politics for so many years. I sometime get disturbed by these ethical attacks on your conscience. But you are my best bet. If there was one slightly like you I would sent you out. Now will you please shut up and let me plan my strategy to keep my votes together and intact? I am in power and I want to remain in power. I can not annoy these votes. So to hell with the law. Tell me how many votes will be saved by killing a medical institution?"

This is my loud thinking. I am not sure but some similar discussion might be going on inside VVVIP bunglaws. I see only the result. All the votes (forgive me for referring to these born humans as votes) again joined hands and changed the law so that one individual 'R' can throw another individual 'V' out of the medical institution. 'V' is of no use for them, but 'R' holds votes which are essential for keeping the power equation intact. They call it coalition politics. Some even say it is coalition (A)dharma. The (A) has ben added by me. Some of the principles of this coalition (A)dharma are, lies, dishonesty, hypocrisy, violence, back-stabbing, characterlessness.

People look at this institution as a temple where they, when fall ill, go to get well. But those who run the temples are running after each other with daggers in their hands. Pray to God to keep you fit. But if still you fall ill then do not go this temple. Find another temple where the keepers do not fight in open and you can expect some care. Votes should make another law, reserve this institution for votes, their families, their relatives.