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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Reliance way of harassing customers

Reliance is a very big organization. In its comparison a single customer has no means to fight when subjected to harassment by reliance. It becomes an unequal fight.

My family runs a training and consultancy company. It provides advisory services to other companies on management systems. It needs a reliable communication network to remain in continuous contact with its clients. Not being satisfied with MTNL services the company took a phone connection from reliance. It worked quite satisfactorily for few years. Then suddenly, the phone was disconnected withoit any intimation. Then we discovered that we are helpless agianst the might of reliance. That reliance has no respect for its cusatomers. That it believes hat customers are always wrong and only try to steal money from reliance. The amount in our case was Rs. 551.00.

We tried to get in touch with reliance to know what happened but could not reach the right person/department. Everybody we talked with only directed us to talk to somebody else. We were even given numbers of Mumbai. It was only when an executive visited us and told us that we have not made payment of Rs. 551.00. We told him and also talked with his office telling them that we have deposited the cheque in the box earmarked by reliance. For years we have been depositing the cheque there. He and his office told us that the cheque might have been misplaced in their office and assured us that they will check and revert back to us. They never did. After that we were visited by at least six executives fron six different offices of reliance to demand the money but no body informed what had happened to our chaque and why our phone was disconnected without any advance notice.

We were naturally very annoyed. This sudden disconnection of phone has affected our buisness. We have lost many calls from prospective clients. Existing clients showed their displeasure on being attended to on phone. We had to take urgent actions for organizing and informing alternate numbers for communication. But no information came from reliance about the whereabouts of our cheque. No explanation was given as to why our phone was disconnected without any advance notice. We have always believed that reliance will treat us as a special customer as we have always paid their bills well in advance. We never thought that we will be treated in such disgusting manner.

Our phone is still disconnected but we are receiving bills for no service. The details will be posted in comments.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Junk calls from service providers is harassment

Peaky telemarketing by banks, mobile companies and other service providers is nothing but harassing the customer. You are in the middle of an important meeting, in a business seminar, chatting with your friends and relatives, in the middle of your dinner, and an unidentifiued person asks you to buy some service which you don't need. You already have a credit card of a bank and this person from the same bank wants you to buy a credit card of the same bank. You don't need a loan but this person tells you that his corporate office has selected you for giving a loan to you without any interest. Your mobile service package meets your need but this person asks to buy some more new products which you don't need. You either cut the phone call or be polite to say sorry that you don't need the services offered. In later case you will be spending few more minutes listening to the sales talk and raising your mental temperature.

These service providers are cheating you on the confidence you placed in them and given them your mobile number for getting better service. They sell your mobile number to other service providers and you start receiving such junk calls from all sort of service providers. Bharti, Idea, Hutch and almost all banks have made life very uncomfortable by these junk calls. You can decline the offer courteously or shout at them but what will you do with their latest mode of harassment, the recorded message.

Now see the impertinance of Hutch Marketing Manager, Naveen Chopra. He says that he will harass you at his will. If you do not want to be harassed then you will have to go to their website to use 'do not call' option. Why should I do this? Do not I have any right not to be harassed? What right this fellow Chopra has to harass me with his junk calls? I have bought the mobile for my comfort and convenience and not for being harassed by some Hutch Chopra or Idea Mukerji or some Airtel spokesperson. And see the bullshit claim these companies make - we care for user privacy.

There should be a law to stop this harassment directed to a specific customer.