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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Paid sites, a new form of harassment

There is mushroom growth in number of paid websites on internet. There are many sites out there which promise emails worth the likes of $5, $50 or $100 and upwards. They never honour their promises. DO NOT join any of these sites. These are ridiculous attempts to take your money and you will never see a penny back.They keep a wall of secrecy between them and their customers. This secrecy goes to such absurd limits that customer even do not know who are the owners of these sites and to whom they should approach in case of a problem.

There are no doubts sites which pay once you reach the minimum payout. But these sites also play tricks on customers. I prestigious paid site,, blocked my user ID just before I was reaching the minimum payout of $10. I have sent them many communications but they have not told me the reason. The problem is that there is no mention on the site about the owners of the site or Administrator or Webmaster.

People join these sites, spend their time and resources in the form of computer, internet connection, power bills, upgrade free membership by paying fees, and these sites cheat them.

Presently there is no body which can supervise the work of these sites. These sites are under no control. Some people, no doubt, are maintaining a list of scam sites, but that is only for information. Such list are growing with more and more sites are proving scam sites. Below is a link where you will find a list of scam sites. Refer to it before you sign any paid site. It will give you some protection.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Don't go out of Delhi or you will be taxed on your return

Last week I hired a DLY taxi for going to Greater Noida and return in the evening. Taxi is registered in Delhi. The harassment we had to face while entering UP is narrated in my earlier post. Now let me share what happened while returning to Delhi. Our Taxi was stopped at entry point in Delhi and we were asked to pay entry tax. I asked why as our taxi is registered in Delhi. He said so what. You can not enter Delhi without paying tax. It was another side of inefficient Delhi Govt.

I felt like being asked to pay tax to enter my house which I left to go to work in the morning.

UP Govt harasses people for paying tax

If you want to pay tax in UP and be prepared for harassment. I experienced it last week when I went to Greater Noida (Surajpur). I hired a DLY taxi from a registered taxi service in Delhi. We took DND flyway. The driver told me that he will have to go back to Delhi towards Kalindi Kunj and enter in UP to pay entry tax in UP. We entered Delhi and re-entered UP and reached the tax check post.

Driver paid Rs. 250 as tax. He was asked to pay another Rs. 50 to check-post employees. When driver asked why they said it is their tax, and if you don't pay then we will not take Govt Tax also. You enter UP at your own risk and get caught up by police there. The check-post in-charge explained that they have not requested us to come to UP. We have come on our own. It is their state and people willing to enter will have to pay Rs. 50 first to become eligible for paying tax to the Govt. Then he put his hand on driver's shoulder and advised him, 'why do you worry? Add this Rs. 50 to customer bill'. Somebody pointed out that Mayawati has abilished this entry tax. He then said that enter UP through a check-post where Mayawati is sitting.

This is the punishment you have to gladly accept for being a honest citizen. Pay tax and for doing it waste your time and resources, and also become a unwilling partner in giving bribe.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Third-party certification of paid websites

There is mushroom growth in number of paid websites on internet. These sites are promising many things to customers. But hardly they honour their promises. They keep a wall of secrecy between them and their customers. This secrecy goes to such absurd limits that customer even do not know who are the owners of these sites and to whom they should approach in case of a problem.

Presently there is no body which can supervise the work of these sites. These sites are under no control. Some people, no doubt, are maintaining a list of scam sites, but that is only for information. Such list are growing with more and more sites are proving scam sites.

A third party certification should be introduced for these sites, under which these paid site can be certified as a trustworthy site. This certification will assure the customers that the site is reliable, noble, honest, trustworthy and is of value to the internet community.

The Institute of Quality Assurance (UK) has launched its "Global Website Quality Certification" process called W-Mark. The W-Mark certification will mean that the organization has an approved website committed to excellence and is standards compliant. The website will be rigorously audited under a number of criteria, Consistency, Appearance, Accessibility, Privacy, Navigation, and Service Commitment. Internet community should put direct and in-direct pressure on website owners to go fot W-Mark.

Do you agree friends?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Govt is the champion harasser in India

If a competition is organized to select the Champion Indian Harasser, the Govt will win hands down. Govt is a body harassers, who harass people individually and collectively. Take the case of police. An innocent person is beaten up mercilessly. His family members go to police station to lodge a complaint. Police refuse to register FIR and starts harassing them. Criminals under police protection also keep harassing them. Police ask victims to keep quiet as they have accepted the assignment from criminals to hush up the case. They go to court and court asks police to register the case. Police registers the case. No body is bothered, not even court, that why police did not register the case earlier. Was it not their duty? Should they not be booked for not doing their duty? No, it is not done as police is a part of Govt. The story continues and at every stage the victims are harassed, investigations, trial court, high court, supreme court. In the end criminals go scot-free and the victim remains a victim throughout the life. Above is a story in short. Victims are harassed so much that they start repenting that they ever made a complaint to police.

Take any department of Govt and you will find the same story every where. If you have a story where Govt helps people then post it here. It will an education for me.

I want to become President of India

After I became eligible for the post of President of India, many opportunities came before me to become President. Many people contested and became President. I never thought of it. I have always opined that the post of President is the most ineffective post in India. You simply can't do any thing except addressing the nation on the eve of 26th January and 15th August; address parliament; inaugurate functions; give away awards etc. Most of the time the address is given to you and you have to only read it. You don't like the order sent to you by Govt but you have no option but to sign it. Govt does every thing in your name but you have no role to decide your actions.

Now, you will ask that what has motivated me to think of becoming President. The answer is harassment. President is the least harassed person in this country. I have used the word 'least' because no body in this country can claim that he or she is not harassed, and President is harassed only by politicians and that too indirectly.

Everybody harasses me and I can't do anything. No body bothers that their harassment is making my life difficult. They are simply not ready to leave me alone. They always harass me as though they are doing their national duty. So I thought why not become President of India. I have just missed a chance. Next chance will come after five years. In these five years I will work to garner support of those who vote in the election of President. I know that they are the people I detest most but to avoid harassment I will have to seek their support.

I request all to help me become President of India.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Everybody has a right to harass others

Harassment has become a part of peoples' life. People either harass others or get harassed by others. Policemen harass common people and get harassed by VIPs, influential people and politicians. Auto drivers harass passengers and get harassed by policemen. Employers harass employees and get harassed by union leaders. Shopkeepers harass customers and get harassed by sales (VAT) tax officers.

Depending on the situation you are either a harassed person or a harasser. If you are on the right side of the table then you can harass anybody. But if you are on this side of the table then you will only be harassed. If you are alone then you are harassed. But if you are in a group you harass other s. When you are harassed you feel bad and curse every system. But when you harass others then you feel pleasure out of it.

Children complain that parents harass them. But when they become old they harass their parents. Teachers harass students. Given a chance students harass teachers.

India has become a land of harassment and Indians have become harasser and harassed.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

India has made all round progress

In 60 years of independence, India has made all round progress. Manufacture and service sector has developed. Corruption has increased many fold. Agriculture has registered a tremendous growth. Pollution has increased to such levels that it has become a threat to human survival. Conflict in the society has increased. Growth in violence is such that people are not safe even in their homes. Number of castes and sub-castes have multiplied. Increasing number of teachers are using violent means. Some of them have even killed their students. Sexual harassment at work place has increased. Number of criminals in Parliament and Govt is increasing. You talk of any activity and it has developed.

It is remarkable. Such all round development is unprecedented. We should say thank you to politicians and congratulate the Govt for such success.

Added on 08.09.2007

Police torture of innocent citizens achieve greater heights. Few days back two policemen tortured a girl child and now doctors say that she will not be able to speak again. Their boss says it is no big deal.

60 years of freedom, Nuclear India, No potable drinking water

While going to a client's factory today, I took another route to avoid traffic jam on the normal route. At one point I saw a water tanker with hundreds of people gathered around it. The people were holding buckets in their hands and were pushing and pulling others to reach the tanker where with the help of a pipe tanker staff were filling their buckets. My taxi driver told me that no water comes in the pipeline in this area for more than a year and they have to depend on water taken from wells and hand pumps, which is not safe for drinking. The tanker is hardly sufficient to meet the needs of all the people.

This is the scenario in many parts of Delhi, the capital city of India. The situation in other parts of the country is much worse than this. Politicians raise slogans - 'Mera Bharat Mahan', 'India is on the move', 'India shining'; but Indian people do not get safe water to drink.

In 60 years of its independence, India has made lot of progress. It has become a nuclear power. But it has not been able to meet one basic needs of its people, safe drinking water.